Experts in new Microsoft technology


We help you solve your IT problems, mainly in the following three areas: DevOps, Cloud Architectures and Cloud Powered Intelligence.

We are passionate about our work, each in our own fields. Deeply engaged in the Microsoft community. Sharing knowledge when and wherever we can. We all act in multiple roles, from boardroom advisor, coding architect and lead developer to trainer and coach.

"Pure Consultancy" is what makes us unique. An honest and open approach, no hidden agenda, always motivated to help solve our customers' problems.

We start with the end in mind. Enabling your people to do it themselves.


The foundation for teams to accelerate

Maximizing business value delivered by teams is what drives us. Applying a tool or instilling a process in an organization is one thing, but to really experience it is something different. DevOps is the new ‘normal’… but in most cases we encounter organizations that throw Devs and Ops together and tell them to “work together” and “take ownership of a product”. We saw this in organizations that started “doing Agile”. Unfortunately DevOps is getting the same treatment, because we all forget one very important aspect: people.

People, and the mindset they bring into the process, are very important to us. Self-improvement is just as important as the automation that enables team self service to become super fast.

Our DevOps skillset contains:

– The DevOps Mindset
– Application Lifecycle Management
– Azure DevOps (VSTS) /TFS (implementations, TFS to Azure DevOps (VSTS)  migrations)
– Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration
– Release Strategy
– Engineering Team Scaling.

Cloud Architectures

Hyperscale modern cloud solutions

We encounter various stages of IT-lifecycles. Some of you are struggling to bring an existing application to the cloud (to take advantage of its economy of scale). Others approach us to help realize a brand-new, cloud-native system. From architecture to code running in production. Security and the cost-effectiveness of architectures are crucial aspects in everything we do:

Cloud Strategy: multi-cloud, Azure-specific technology, Platform as a Service, Software as a Service
Migration of existing software to the cloud
Transformation of existing software to a cloud-ready architecture
Cloud-native architectures for new systems, taking full advantage of the cloud.

There is a close relationship with Cloud Powered Intelligence. We believe a solid cloud solution enables modern clients to shine. Clients like mobile apps are not a separate discipline. They are part of- and supported by – intelligent cloud architectures, such as:

– Native mobile apps with Xamarin
– Progressive Web Applications
– Desktop
– Wearables / Smart Watches
– PowerBI
– Mixed reality.

Curious to see whether your organization is cloud ready? Contact us for more information about our Cloud Readiness Scan.

Cloud Powered Intelligence

Ride the next wave

New and interesting scenarios are becoming possible with the advantages of the cloud and the democratization of artificial intelligence. We call this Cloud Powered Intelligence. It covers a broad range of aspects which we are excitedly exploring. Instead of thinking in traditional “layers” like servers (the cloud) and clients (e.g. mobile apps), we help you design intelligent end-user experiences, which requires smart, overall system architectures such as:

– Cognitive Services
– Machine Learning
– Modern Clients
– Power BI
– Mixed Reality
– Xamarin
– Bots
– Continuous experiences across devices and platforms.

We are passionate and knowledgeable about these new technologies, and motivated to help you deliver business value.